Dubai Municipality’s systems and projects win British Safety Council Awards

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Dubai Municipality, represented by its Health and Safety Department, received the International Safety Award for the year 2021 of the British Safety Council. The health and safety management system in Dubai Municipality was assessed for the award and it won the Distinction classification, which is the highest rating for the award category.

The health and safety management system in Dubai Municipality aims to ensure the health and safety of the Municipality’s employees as well as community members, and this comes with the participation of all leaders and employees of the Municipality in adopting the concept of a positive safety culture, with the aim of creating and sustaining a safe work environment in line with the best international practices in the field of health and safety.

Through its winning entry, the “Health and Safety System Management,” Dubai Municipality was keen to shed light on several focuses, such as: assessing and addressing work-related risks, leaders’ adoption of the concept of safety in planning their projects and initiatives, ensuring the health and safety of contractors, involving employees in identifying, assessing and addressing risks, and how to list out, provide and manage training needs related to health and safety, and internal auditing, in addition to the system of precautionary measures regarding the Covid-19 pandemic in the award file, which was appreciated by the awarding body and was positively reflected in highlighting the efforts of Dubai Municipality in preserving health and safety of all members of the society.

Dubai Municipality, represented by the Drainage Projects Department, also won the International Safety Award with distinction from the British Safety Council for two projects: the Deep Tunnel Project for Rainwater Drainage and the Sewage System Project to Connect Development Areas in Jebel Ali in the Dubai Municipality network.

This winning reflects the keenness of all leaders and employees of the Drainage Projects Department to apply the highest standards of health and safety, especially with the challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

These achievements motivate the project team and encourage them to adhere to the highest standards and practices in the field of occupational health and safety. It is also in recognition of their achievement of 15 million man-hours without injuries in the Deep Tunnel Project for Rainwater Drainage, and one million man-hours in the project of Linking Development Areas to Jebel Ali, which reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of the periodic audit of occupational health and safety, as around 4,000 workers and engineers were involved in the process of applying health and safety principles.

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