Dubai Municipality strengthens monitoring system during New Year celebrations period

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Coinciding with the New Year celebrations, Dubai Municipality has strengthened its preparations to ensure the implementation of all control plans and measures on the various establishments in the emirate.

The Municipality has developed a comprehensive plan aimed at ensuring that all sites and facilities adhere to preventive and precautionary measures, in order to preserve the safety of those who visit these destinations and the employees working there.

The sites that will be monitored by the Municipality include gaming and event areas, shopping malls, food establishments, hotels, restaurants, cafes, parks, beaches and their jogging tracks and salons.

The Municipality has also directed the sites and facilities in which the celebrations are held to adhere to the precautionary measures contained in the circulars and guidelines issued by Dubai Municipality.

Dubai Municipality has been keen to spread awareness tips on the preventive measures through all its social media sites with the aim of educating visitors of celebrations sites.

The Municipality has also prepared a set of monitoring programs such as the “Together We Celebrate Safely” program, which includes a field monitoring campaign to follow up on the commitment of activities through shift duty teams around the clock, and the “24/7 employee” program through the presence of an employee on duty in the field to follow up the events in the morning period, evening and night according to the duty list, the “Be aware” program, which includes preparing and disseminating circulars and guidelines, enhancing awareness efforts, and the “Instant Processing of Reports” program for immediate field response to incoming and urgent reports through the Municipality Call Center 800900.

Through the monitoring efforts, Dubai Municipality seeks to strengthen the preservation of community safety before, during and after the celebrations, in addition to monitoring and following up all communications received by the Municipality from various means of communication and responding to them through emergency teams and field observers of the Municipality’s organizational units.

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