Dubai Municipality prepares to keep city clean and tidy after New Year celebrations

Labor cleaning with Pedestrian Sweeper

In order to achieve its strategic plan of integrated waste management, Dubai Municipality has prepared a special plan to secure the New Year Eve celebration sites, as these celebrations are witnessed by large crowd from all over the world.

Khaled Mohsen, Acting Director of Waste Management Department said that as part of its annual plan to secure the sites of celebrations, festivals, sporting and tourism events in the emirate, the Municipality has prepared an integrated plan for cleaning operations and the removal of waste resulting from the New Year celebrations as the Burj Khalifa area, public beaches and a number of other sites in Dubai have become the focus of world attention.

Dubai Municipality has prepared an integrated team of 750 workers and volunteers from companies and private sector institutions to continue cleaning the sites of events associated with the New Year’s Eve celebrations program. Apart from the Burj Khalifa area and public beaches, a number of other sites such as Riqqa Street, Muraqqabat Street, Al Qudra Lakes, Love Lakes, Jumeirah Street, Jaddaf area, and Dubai Water Canal that are expected to witness a large audience will be covered by the team, as the large turnout of public will leave huge quantities of waste.

Dubai Municipality is working to implement the integrated plan for cleaning activities in all areas of the celebration in a tight manner in order to complete the cleaning operations in record time on the same night of the celebration.

Within the framework of the continuous cooperation and coordination with the Municipality’s strategic partners and private sector entities, cooperation has been made with the Burj Khalifa administration and the private sector responsible for a number of the main celebration areas to participate in the cleaning work. As for the workforce, 500 cleaning workers belonging to Dubai Municipality and 46 employees from the supervisory authority have been allocated. In cooperation with the private sector companies, Dubai Municipality has also succeeded in securing 250 volunteers to help our workers in the cleaning operations in a number of sites. Apart from this, an additional 216 garbage containers of various sizes will be distributed in the busiest areas, and a number of sand sweepers will be provided to clean the main roads.