Dubai Municipality Call Center receives over half million calls until 3Q of 2020

Dubai Municipality with new logo

As of the third quarter of 2020, Dubai Municipality Call Center received 615,350 calls on its toll-free number 800900, which included 124,006 enquiries regarding Covid-19 pandemic, especially related to the Municipality’s areas of work. There were also 125,574 calls for reporting incidents and the Municipality responded to 100% of these reports within the stipulated period.

The Call Center instantaneously follows up its performance and indicators through interactive screens, and carefully monitors the volume and nature of incoming calls, through continuous analysis of incoming data and those calls. In addition to that the Center strengthens all work teams concerned with responding to customer inquiries and provides through various means of communication and interaction with updated information about the areas of the Municipality’s work in general and the data related to the its field of work regarding the Corona virus in particular.

The Call Center in Dubai Municipality has created an information service through the IVR system for the most frequently received inquiries, which contributed remarkably to the awareness of customers and to respond to their various inquiries in an easier and faster manner without the need to communicate with the Call Center employee, which achieves flexibility and smoothness in Call Center work mechanism and enhances its standards of quality and efficiency.

It is worth noting that the operation room of the Mini-Crisis Cell concerned with the pandemic in Dubai Municipality has received approximately 16,756 reports from all authorities in the emirate, regarding sterilization and disinfection operations in buildings and labor accommodations, on its contact number 8004006. The Crisis Cell has contacted the public approximately 21,158 times, whether through phone calls or smart applications. It included inquiries regarding preventive measures and precautionary measures in the field of the Municipality’s work.

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