176 employees of Ministry of Works in Sharjah receive Bunyan card benefits

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Dubai Municipality, in cooperation with the Ministry of Works in the Emirate of Sharjah, distributed the Bunyan cards to 176 employees of the Ministry, as part of the Municipality’s embodiment of the directives of the wise leadership aimed at providing means of happiness and a decent life for all citizens of the country, as well as the Municipality’s keenness to enhance cooperation with various government bodies, establishments and departments in the country to achieve common goals.

Dubai Municipality always seeks to extend bridges of cooperation with various authorities in the country to open new horizons in the process of enhancing the happiness of community members and meeting their life needs and requirements. The distribution of the Bunyan cards to the employees of the Ministry of Works in the Emirate of Sharjah reflects these efforts.

The Bunyan card, launched by Dubai Municipality, aims to consolidate the values of happiness and positivity among the community members, and contribute to enabling them to provide all requirements that enhance the quality of their lives and their well-being. The idea of the Bunyan card was crystallized from this standpoint, by providing the best offers for constructing and equipping homes in all respects, and by supporting various categories of the society such as those who are about to get married and who wish to do maintenance of their homes and refurbish and change home furniture.

The electronic card can be obtained by visiting the Dubai Municipality website, and can be availed by reviewing all the companies and privileges available to holders of the card.

It must be noted that this card is the first such card that is granted to every citizen of the UAE over the age of 18, without any fees, and it covers all segments of citizens, whether it is an employee, retired person, senior citizens or People of Determination.

The card will be granted to any citizen who requests it to facilitate the purchase of their needs of building materials and home furnishings, at reduced prices, which will provide them with good financial savings so that they can enjoy their life and enhance the quality of living

Since home is one of the basic needs for the formation of any family, the Municipality decided to support the citizens by providing facilities and discounts in various areas related to the needs of the home such as lighting, decoration and artworks, electronics, electrical appliances, furniture, kitchens and cabinets, building materials, swimming pools, sanitary ware, maintenance, elevators and smart systems etc.

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